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"A lawyer's time and advice are his stock in trade."
- A. Lincoln


Free advice is usually worth exactly what you pay for it. Having said that, we will gladly work with you to determine what it is you really need to solve your information needs.

Exploratory talks are, of course, non-chargeable hours. Once you think we can provide you with something useful, we can negotiate a price for the entire product, or we can work on an hourly fee basis.

Database Design

Data and information have this relationship: Information is composed of data organized in a meaningful manner.

Creating a data organization that is both efficient from a processing standpoint and meaningful from a user's standpoint is our strong suit. We've been in business long enough to understand a manager's needs, and we've been building databases long enough to know about efficient organziation.


We can help you with documentation.

  • We'll explore your needs and help you define them.
  • We'll work with you to document the processes or application software you have in place.
  • Development

    Once the "paperwork" is done, you'll be ready to proceed with making your vision a reality. We can help with that, and we specialize in doing it within your budget.

    We have experience in developing solutions using readily available, low-cost software, such as Microsoft® Access, MySQL, and others.

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